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‘Beyond Reality over Incheon Airport 인천공항에서 떠나는 가상 콘텐츠 여행’!

Happy New Year!

An intro

‘Beyond Reality over Incheon Airport 인천공항에서 떠나는 가상 콘텐츠 여행’

On this occasion of the exhibition, we are grateful to collaborate with France, and this is very special. France has been a leading country in the XR industry with its immense investment and support for the creators.
We sincerely hope that smooth paths would set up for an active collaboration between artists from two countries with the occasion of this exhibition.

Another specialty comes from the venue itself: Incheon airport.
Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the airport was more of a stopover to go somewhere else. Now we need to/have to re-think about the on-going transition of travel and the airport along with the situation changed (maybe) forever.
We want to urge people to take a deep breath and contemplate on the possibility of the airport being a final destination of one’s itinerary instead of a stopover place.

Last but not least, Incheon airport has always been a futuristic place, and a showcase for new technologies.
Albeit the situation around the airport has been changed, it still is the fact.
Based on this, we ‘Beyond Reality’, at the frontier of BIFAN, hope to share our vision and direction for the upcoming future.

For more details about the exhibition, please visit the preface page.


Reserivation info

We do abide by the governmental guideline toward COVID-19.
Given the circumstances, we run an online reservation system and highly recommend to go through the system for your visit.
A easier and a safer way toward the exhibition.
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For the exhibition, we curated 15 interactive titles and 11 360VR titles.
Long story short, please visit the page for more details.